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Cautious optimism can lead you to success.

"Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation." 

~ Michael Jordan

Let's talk about optimism and having a positive attitude towards business outcomes.  Because unless you are fundamentally optimistic about the future of your business and your own financial situation, you won't make it.  Being optimistic most of the time is what allows you to get through the inevitable challenges.

The best way to develop a positive attitude about your business is to factor in negative outcomes. To expect and not be totally surprised or blindsided by the times and situations when things don’t go your way.

Here’s a simple 4-step process to help you develop this cautiously optimistic approach to your business.

#1) Expect problems. You know that there will be challenges in your business, so the first step is to remember that you don’t live or operate in a false world where everything always works out the way you want it to, and where everything always comes together smoothly. Remember in advance that things are going to go wrong, and think about contingencies you can put in place for when they do. There are varying degrees of things that can go wrong, but if you have thought out a plan for what you’ll do in advance, you'll be better organized when things do happen. Then, when things do go wrong, you're in a much more powerful position to ride things out.

#2) Find something positive within each problem you encounter. Think of it like a dark cloud's silver lining. Most people can look back in their past and see that the bad things that happened also have some ultimate good that came out of them. We usually can’t see the good while we’re going through the bad, we only discover it some time later. But, what if when something unexpected goes wrong with your life or business, you were able to find the good outcomes more quickly, instead of waiting for five or ten years down the road to discover them?

#3) Simply take action. Often, people become immobilized by their problems.

I have surfed since I was about 12 years old and have ended up in a dangerous or seemingly helpless positions. Feeling indecisive, nervous and losing focus on the solution. I’ve got too caught up in the problem, and all of a sudden lost my edge. Sound a little familiar? Instead of letting a problem happen to you, you just keep moving. Even if it's in the wrong direction (temporarily), at least you're not stuck in the same bad position. Motion is good, stagnation is bad.

#4) The fourth thing is a little bit hard to describe, because it's slightly metaphysical. You must realize that as long as you do those first three things, and get better at doing them well, then good things will ultimately come to you, even in the midst of the bad things. Fortune favors the prepared person who continues to take positive action in spite of all the setbacks. Don't expect the world to be perfect; you know that it will never be. But find ways to take advantage of unexpected occurrences that you might normally would call failures. Take action – continued motion – and you'll eventually get where you're going.

Good things do happen to people who keep getting back up every time they get their butt kicked. They refuse to give up. They refuse to quit. We all know people like that. We often call their success “lucky.” But all successful entrepreneurs and business owners are prone to getting “lucky” because they keep moving forward and refuse to let the negatives things that happen to them do them in. They make their own luck.

-Michael Halsey

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