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The expert in anything was once a beginner

"The expert in anything was once a beginner."

~ Helen Hayes

Here’s a simple strategy that can move you into the top position in your marketplace and change the way you think about your business.

Here’s the secret: You must work to position yourself as the top expert in your market.

This is one of those strategies I just can’t overemphasize. Given the choice, people prefer to give their money to an expert, so why not become one in your marketplace? That should be reason enough, but here are some other reasons you should never hesitate to toot your own horn.

First of all, you can attract some testimonials from happy clients, but in general, nobody else is going to do it for you (unless you incentivize them to do it). This means that you have to sell yourself before you sell your product or service. In order to sell yourself, you must position yourself as an expert.

Second, the average consumer has more choices today than ever before. They’re confused and frustrated by the endless decisions they’re faced with regarding whom to do business with. Most marketers or sales people are yelling at them, trying to convince them to try their products and services. Naturally, when faced with a new buying decision, they look for the best qualified, most knowledgeable experts they can find—and will always give their business to those people first. That’s why you have to be one of those people.

Many of your prospects or leads are extremely fearful, skeptical, and cynical. They’re afraid of making the wrong decision; of losing their hard-earned money. The thing that people want the most is certainty—the feeling that everything’s going to be okay, that they’ll get precisely what they were promised in exchange for their cash. When they perceive you as an expert, they have a higher degree of certainty and will give you their money faster.

This is an excellent way to separate yourself from your competitors. An expert has the authority that people are looking for, and most of us respond very well to authority figures. We’re trained to do so since birth. So declare yourself an expert. When enough people in your marketplace are convinced that you are an expert, then other people who have little or nothing to gain financially will declare you an expert in your industry, too. But it all starts with you.

The FirstStep toward declaring yourself as an expert is to convince yourself that you are an expert. If you feel like you’re being fake or phony, then spend a significant amount of time studying not just your products and services, but your market in general. You’ll soon gain tremendous confidence on the subject. The second step is to stick your neck out, overcoming the social conditioning that demands you do otherwise. Learn to do so for the sake of the business. People want to do business with experts, so give them what they want, and you’ll quickly move into the top position in your marketplace.

-Michael Halsey

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