First Step Beverage offers a full suite of compliance set-up and management services in order to help domestic and international alcoholic beverage companies go live and operate in adherence with federal and state laws and regulations. We provide an easy and cost-effective solution which enables clients to avoid costly delays and penalties and remain focused on the core competencies which drive brand growth.

In select key markets, clients can leverage First Step Beverages distribution network to sell imported and domestic alcoholic beverages directly to retailers (restaurants, bars, liquor stores, etc.).

Our distribution model is attractive to both established and emerging alcoholic beverage brands. It allows established brands to significantly reduce their distribution costs by replacing the larger traditional distributor margins with First Step Beverage's low per case fee and pass-through delivery charges. It enables emerging brands to enter new markets quickly and inexpensively and demonstrate initial market traction (i.e., a test market campaign) before moving on to a traditional distributor. Brand owners also utilize First Step Beverage's distribution capabilities as a supplement to traditional distributors in scenarios in which the brand elects to sell additional products or SKUs that their traditional distributor does not support. In summary, whether used for wholesale clearing, test market campaigns, or another tailored purpose, First Step Beverage's service is a compelling, cost-effective direct route to the buyers that recognize the value of your brand to their customers.

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